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Posted in Journalism, Uncategorized by aavery on June 7, 2010

Creating a pond that can produce fruits, spices, herbs and even a cup of coffee is not as difficult as one may think. There are many plants which can be grown directly in your backyard pond. These delightful treats are not only edible, but also beautiful. They can be purchased online or plucked directly from the wild.

Growing an herb and spice garden in a small pond is an interesting hobby to many. Learning about new spices and using them to create dishes for a different and unique taste can be a rewarding experience to a cook who enjoys the experience of putting together the perfect flavors of many different spices and herbs.

Common spices can become boring to a person who cooks with them often, but the value of being able to walk to your own back yard pond to pluck from the earth a fresh bouquet of spices can be unique, advantageous and satisfying while learning to use them properly.

The Eastern Market in Detroit has a variety of unique vegetables, plants, spices, herbs and other varieties of foods that are uncommon in your local grocers. By stopping by one of these vendors, you are not only buying fresh, wholesome quality produce, but are also supporting Michigan farms. By mixing these unique foods and experimenting, you may learn to make a delicious and innovative surprise dish you never expected.


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