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Example of Query Letter to Magazine

Posted in Uncategorized by aavery on June 1, 2010

Query Editor
Ponds U.S.A. and Water Gardens
Bowtie, Inc.
P.O. Box 6050
Mission Viejo CA. 92690

Dear Query Editor,

Ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden area that will produce fresh herbs and vegetables, but what about a pond that produces an edible enjoyment of its own?

Many herbs and spices can be nurtured directly from your garden pond. Some delicious pond plants are; White Water Lily, which produce edible flowers and seeds that can act as a substitute for coffee. Creeping Dogwood produces edible fruits and there are many more delectable treats to add to your pond.

As a freelance writer with intermediate level experience in back yard ponds and gardening, I propose writing an article which covers the various edible plants and flowers that can be grown in back yard ponds. After having read many exciting features and articles in Ponds U.S.A. magazine, I believe it is time an article covering herbs, spices, fruits and edible flowers be included in a future issue.

This piece would run in the normal 800-1,200 word range with photographs available of ponds and plant life mentioned in the article.

Thank you for your consideration of this article. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angela Avery

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