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Beauty in Northern Michigan

Posted in Uncategorized by aavery on April 29, 2010

Municing, MI.

Pictured Rocks

Miners Castle Rocks

I recently took a trip to the Upper Peninsula. I had no idea the beauty that lied ahead of that six-hour long stretch of road. I talked to the locals and visited small town, wooden cabin restaurants. The people here are used to visitors, in fact, tourism is pretty much all they do near the Mackinac Bridge.

In Municing, Michigan, there are a set of old rocks that are beaten daily by the tide. These rocks were formed by glaciers and have left behind the most amazing sights.

In Tahquamenon Falls State Park, located in the North Eastern most part of the U.P. is another gorgeous adventure.  Here you can do anything from hiking to capturing and banding owls at night. The photos speak for themselves, but hardly pay justice to the reality and life that lie in these outdoor dwellings. In the spring there are hardly any tourists, spawning trout in the river below the falls, wild birds, flowers and animals are abundant.


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